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Rodents are never a fun thing to deal with especially around your home, business, or property. Alto Pest Control can help you get rid of any rodents that are trying to take over your biggest investment, whether the problem is in the exterior or interior we will come up with a custom tactic to take care of your problem.

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Our Process and How it works

Need fast solutions for your rodent problems? Reach out to Alto Pest Control today and let our team of trained professionals help get you started.


What you need to know about…

Rodent Removal

Rats and mice can be a nuisance which is why prevention is a major factor in the pest control industry. Bait stations are an important tool to help minimize the outside population and of course making sure that there is no damage to your structure from the exterior will play a major role in keeping them out of your structure. As far for the interior there are several ways that the technician can help you get rid of the rats/mice with their experience and custom tactics depending what they find after there inspection 


We Provide rodent control services to the following areas:

Alpine Rodent Control

Bonita Rodent Control

Chula Vista Rodent Control

El Cajon Rodent Control

La Mesa Rodent Control

Lakeside Rodent Control

Lemon Grove Rodent Control

Poway Rodent Control

Ramona Rodent Control

San Diego Rodent Control

Santee Rodent Control

Spring Valley Rodent Control