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Local Bee Hive Removal Services

Alto Pest Control specialists can provide you the best bee removal services for your home and business through all of San Diego and all surrounding areas. Alto Pest Control has several years of experience in all types of bees, including live bee hive removals, bee extermination, opening and repairing structures to remove the bees or hive, and also controlling other pests such as yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. 

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Our Process and How it works

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What you need to know about…

Bee Removal

Alto Pest Control offers the best and safest way to remove bees, while knowing that bees play a major role in our ecosystem. Bees can become a nuisance to your homes or businesses and can also become a danger to yourself or others around you. Bee stings don’t only hurt, but they can also become life threatening to others that are allergic or have a bad reaction to their bodies. While bees only sting when they feel that their colony is being threatened, anyone that sees or is around the hive or bee swarm should be very cautious and should call an experienced expert immediately. Alto pest control will make your bee problems our highest priority. 


We Provide bee removal services to the following areas:

Alpine Bee Removal

Bonita Bee Removal

Chula Vista Bee Removal

El Cajon Bee Removal

La Mesa Bee Removal

Lakeside Bee Removal

Lemon Grove Bee Removal

Poway Bee Removal

Ramona Bee Removal

San Diego Bee Removal

Santee Bee Removal

Spring Valley Bee Removal