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Causes: Bites and Infection


Causes: Infestation


Causes: Infestation 


Causes: Bites, pain, and possible death.

Hear from other customers like you!

All I can say is that Alto Pest Control staff and employees are very good and professional at what they do, I am one of those people that don’t really like to use any pesticides but they were able to recommend me an organic monthly plan to help control the pest that I had around my home. I am beyond thankful for them for helping me out when I need their services.
Sophia V.

Not only am I extremely happy with the monthly plan that they provide for me but also they are excellent on communicating with me before they come out to service my home. I use to have a different company, which they usually would show up to my door step without me expecting them or I would just see the receipt on my door without me knowing if they even did the service.  I’m sure that you will be satisfied with their service as much as I am, highly recommend!!

The Evan Family

Alto Pest Control has been a huge help at my new home; when I first moved in I saw several types of bugs in my bedroom and also in my daughters bedroom. The technician was able to answer all of the questions I had for him when he come over for the inspection and also was able to identify the bugs that I would find around the house. The technician was able to recommend the best service for my house and was at a reasonable price. Like the good ole saying you get what you pay for!!! Which is very important since during this pandemic we have to be on a budget.
Sam G.

How do I schedule a service?

 You can call our direct number that is listed on the website or you can fill out our quick quote sheet on the contact page to have a staff member contact you as soon as possible.

What monthly plans do you offer?

We offer several types of services, but when you contact our staff ,  they will give you a price on what you need since all homes are different and can request different types of services.

What warranty do you offer?

The warranty that Alto Pest Control offers is if you are not happy with the outcome of our service we will return at no cost to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

What are your business hours and in what areas do you offer pest controls services?

We are available from 6am-7pm everyday and we offer pest control services in San Diego and all surrounding areas.

Alto Pest Control

Providing top pest control services in your area

Alto Pest Control is invested in providing you the best pest control service throughout San Diego and surrounding areas. Our technicians are experienced and trained to create a custom treatment for each customers needs. We will give you the time to answer all the questions you have about our treatment tactics and could provide you with some advise to prevent any further pest infestations.