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Alto Pest Control is here to help you with any pests problems that you are having either in your home, business or property. We offer several types of services that include, treating for general pests (ants, spiders, earwigs, etc) interior or exterior, controlling the rodents population around your residence to removing bees.

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Pest Control

We provide a wide variety of pest control services that include treating for general pests such as (ants, spiders, earwigs, roaches, etc.), click LEARN MORE to explore our options and see what we can do for you.

Bee Removal

We offer several ways to removal a bee swarm or bee hive from your home, business and property in the safest way possible with also having the knowledge that bees play a major role in our eco-system.

Rodent Control

Do you have mice or rats around your property or some how entering your home, business or property. Click LEARN MORE to schedule an appointment for an inspection or schedule service to get rid of your rodent problem.

Alto Guaranty Pest Solutions

Need fast solutions for your pest problems? Reach out to Alto Pest Control today and let our team of trained professionals help get you started.









We called Alto Pest Control, which had an amazing response time and came out to my house to take care of bees that were entering my second story eaves. The technician was very informative and friendly which made me very comfortable knowing that my home will be taken care of. I totally recommend Alto Pest Control to all of my friends and family. 

Brandon B.

About us

Alto Pest Control is a locally owned and operated family company with over 2 decades of experience. Alto Pest Control offers a wide variety of pest control services from treating general pests (ants, spiders, earwigs, etc), controlling the rodent population around your residence to removing bees. Alto Pest Control representatives and technicians will not only give you the time and effort to solve the problems in your home but will also give you a custom service and answer every question you need to get rid of any unwanted pest .Our goal is to offer the best service to our community and to protect our family and friends but also our fur family members.

We have over 2 decades of experience
We have pet friendly and organic pest control methods
100% customer satisfaction guarantee
Extensive experience and knowledge in the pest control industry.

Why Choose Alto pest Control

The reason why you should choose us is because not only are we quick to get a professional technician to your location but we are here to protect your most expensive investment which is your home, buisness or property. Alto Pest Control is commited to earn your trust to rely on us for any problems with pest , we always guarantee our work and we create custom tactics to take care of your pest problems.